Lost to Manchester United after two games

Lost to Manchester United after two games, Azar contributed two goals, plus 1 assists. FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham match, it is Azul second half off the bench, a pass of a shot will Tottenham crashed. This is the real strength of Azar, the state is good, he has the ability to match Merlot Bobby Wahl Jersey. But compared to Merlot, and sometimes lack of stability is indeed a big problem for him Mark Canha Jersey.After the game, the players in the field of hope Frankie Montas Jersey, Wenger did not join the celebration as in previous years Ryan Madson Jersey, but quietly standing on the sidelines to watch. In this regard, Wenger's explanation after the game is: "I went to participate in Xie field, then, will be disturbed to the players, so I am far away, that respect for the players."It's a very complicated process to choose my new club," he said. "I'm just a kid and can be interested in the European giants, and that's what happened to Neumer, and he's clear that He told me about Barcelona, ??where he told Barcelona how he was, and what kind of city was in Barcelona, ??and he said that Barcelona's climate was about the same as that of Brazil, and that was a little hesitant because Barcelona was really Good club.

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