Azar has become

Azar has become "billion yuan" strength, but in the short term he should not leave the Blues. He and Chelsea there are three years between the contract Bruce Maxwell Jersey, the recent media said he was in order to compete for the Golden Globe to join Real Madrid, at least from the current situation to determine the return of the Champions League next season Rickey Henderson Jersey, the Blues can not choose to sell the team's absolute core TheWenger comments the team missed the Champions League fact: "the past 20 years we have been participating in the Champions League game, failed to enter the Champions League next season, it is very sad.We got 75 league points, but still from the Champions League difference 1 "Of course, we should look at this season and see where this difference is."Looking back on the wave of protests since the beginning of the year, Wenger has concluded: "Overall, the team has been struggling for a variety of reasons since January Liam Hendriks Jersey, for some reason you know John Axford Jersey, It is very difficult for the players to deal with such a situation.For other reasons, we talk about it again

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