Last summer Dortmund spent 15 million

Last summer, Dortmund spent 15 million euros from Rennes to introduce Osman - Dumbler Sonny Gray Jersey. This season he has a greater stage than the French show their own, he is currently in the Dortmund team No. 3 shooter, and in the assists, he is the team's assists. The entire Bundesliga, currently only Leipzig's Fosberg (15 times) assists than Dumbledore (11 times) more.Until yesterday's game against Everton, Arsenal fans are still large-scale protest, but this time the protest slogan is no longer "Wenger leave", directed at Wenger above the Kelunke. The fans are dissatisfied with Klenk's failure to manage the club in the past few years oakland athletics jersey, and the crowds celebrate the slogan: "Get out of our club." This wave of demonstrations coincides with the current second team Manov tried to buy more shares from the hands of Karen.I finally came to the conclusion that in Manchester, my chance would be more. This factor played a decisive role. In addition to Manchester City interested in me, I talk with Guardiola also have an impact. Everyone knows that Guardiola is a very good coach Sean Doolittle Jersey, after seeing him John Axford Jersey, this becomes more clear. He is a very incredible person. He was very sincere and frank, that attracted me.

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